About the THROW ‘EM UP Project

photo-3French Producer/DJ Onra & Lexis, founder of Music Is My Sanctuary, started the “THROW ‘EM UP” project in 2012 inspired by a period that was really influential for both: mid-90′s R’n’B classics.

That period mostly ranges from ’93 to ’96 and has a very distinct sound & aesthetic, a perfect blend of R’n’B vocals on top of club-oriented Hip-Hop productions. Picture some soulful vocals over instrumentals made with analog samplers and vintage synthesizers and that’s what you get!

Reminiscing on that particular genre, Onra & Lexis handpicked tons of songs they were familiar with back then, but getting deeper into it helped them discover tons of rare remixes and versions, often only available on 12″ records.

Strangely enough, for a period that was extremely popular, it doesn’t have a name… That’s why they decided to call their project and refer to the era as “THROW ‘EM UP”, because of the way people used to dance in every single video from 1993 to 1996: waving both hands in the air, nonchalantly.

Guidelines to the THROW ‘EM UP era
1) Started around 92-93, when the “New Jack Swing” uptempo style of R&B Club music died down.
2) Ranged mostly from 1993 to 1996, when almost all R&B releases had a similar sound and aesthetic which also mirrored the “Golden Era” of Hip-Hop, from East Coast Boom-Bap to West Coast G-Funk, from the style of beats to the style of clothes.
3) Ended around 1997 when producers like Timbaland, Darkchild and The Neptunes brought a totally new approach to R’n’B. (A more electronic sound with intricate drum programming)

Bookings: Onra & Lexis are available for 100% “Throw ‘Em Up” DJ Sets. In company of their friend Lemy Leopard as a party host, they’re playing all R’n’B jams on vinyl only and guarantee to set any dancefloor on fire like it was 1995! Get in touch here —> Lexis@musicismysanctuary.com